MatchBox Glass

Remote live production has really caught on and the advantages it gives means it is here to stay. Driven by new technologies, remote production is now not only feasible but also highly desirable due to cost savings from greater efficiency.

Coverage of fast-paced action sports continues to be a major driver of technical innovation in broadcast. The move to remote live production, in particular 4K, has however given rise some issues with audio and video synchronisation. The last thing you want to find out seconds before going live, is that the audio and video are out of sync.

When the sync is out, everyone has their own perception of how much to correct it by, so the only real solution is to use something that measures it. Hitomi equipment does just that, quickly and efficiently. 

Hitomi launches MatchBox Glass free iOS app

Production companies all over the world already use Hitomi MatchBox to ensure aligned coverage of a multitude of events. Hitomi's latest innovation is the ability for the Analyser to measure lip sync simply by an iPhone or iPad being held in front of the camera. Hitomi MatchBox Glass® is now free to download from the iOS App Store

A license will be required in the MatchBox Analyser at the receiving end in order to make measurements. However, we're currently offering a 30-day FREE trial license to help you get started.

Not only does Glass check lip sync it can also be used to determine latency differences between cameras. This is very useful to know in remote production where the video feeds going back to the master control room could take different paths. Another example would be in coverage of a sport like motor racing where there is often a difference in delay between wired trackside cameras and the shoulder held ones in the pit lane. Making the measurement is as simple as pointing two different cameras at the same iPhone/iPad running Glass. The MatchBox Analyser receiving the pictures calculates the delay between them. 

Watch the video below for a demonstration of MatchBox Glass in action:


Glass also features easily changeable on-screen text to label the feed which is very useful for large scale productions.

Hitomi products deliver peace of mind, quickly and accurately ensuring that your live event coverage is in alignment. The costly headaches of embarrassing lip sync issues are eliminated.